Some frequently asked questions and answers...

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How do you charge?

  • I charge a flat rate, not on an hourly basis.
  • This means you know how much it'll cost in advance and it'll never exceed your budget, even if the project is large and complicated.
  • I don't have a 'standard fee' and quote for projects on an individual basis, depending on the brief.
  • Pricing includes all research and interviews. As I said, there are no nasty hidden charges.
  • I take an initial deposit and then the rest of the balance on completion.
  • I offer volume discounts for larger work orders.

What payment methods do you accept?

Paypal, Bank transfer (BACS).

Who do you work with?

All sorts. I am a web writer above all things, but have also written for magazines, handled copywriting for international consumer brands and done outreach work for science organisations. Contact me and see if I'm suitable for your project.

What subject areas do you cover?

i'm willing to write on pretty much any subject given enough time for background research; be it features, shorts, web copy or news. However, subjects I have covered in detail in the past include…
  • Technology: Consumer electronics, digital photography
  • Entertainment: Gaming, Film, Music,
  • Sales copywriting: Advertising copywriting and more traditional direct response text
  • Social: Parenting (yes, really)
  • Men's lifestyle
  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition
  • Food
  • Guides/Informative: local area guides, tech tips, photoshop/photography tutorials, careers guides, social media...

Will you sign an NDA? 

Never a problem.

Can you source images?

Yes. image of red hoisin sauce FAQ
Told ya...

Do you have any samples?

Sure do.

What information do I need to provide in order for you to write something?

This depends on the kind of assignment, but generally the clearer you are, and the more info you give me, the less research I'll need to do, and thus the cheaper the project works out.

Do you need credit or a byline for the articles you write?

Not necessarily. I am willing to ghostwrite.

Can I see some references?


Can you work to crazy, unreasonable deadlines? Do you work weekends and all hours of the morning if I ask? 

Yes, if you ask nicely.

Do you ever outsource your writing assignments to foreign writers?

No! Who does that anyway?

How does one 'get into' writing?

Pick a sector that you'd like to cover. Make friends with people in it. Always be pitching.

Are you a 'social media consultant/expert/maven/advocate/evangelist?'

Yes, but so is everybody and their dog. Can a fish teach other fish to swim? :/

What kind of qualifications have you got?

I've got a HND in Astronomy and Space, an NVQ in Creative Media Production, a Certificate in Counselling, an A1 Assessor Certificate, and a whole load of other intellectual detritus that would merely bore you. I do a lot of things asides from writing, and I tend to acquire qualifications like a dog gets fleas. The more you know...

What's all this about owls?

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