Some nice things people have said about my work...


"I've worked with Jack in two capacities, at AskMen, where I have commissioned him as a freelancer, and also at Catch 22, when I was the administrator whilst he was on the course. In both cases it has been an excellent experience working with him. In the time I have known Jack I have found him to be a tirelessly hard worker, completely committed and always willing to go well above and beyond the task he is working on. His background in copywriting is evident in his writing style; his text is compelling, it can sell subtly and seems to be flexible enough to change 'voice' to fit many, many different audiences. This is probably a large part of why he has written for so many different major publications.    I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any writing position. I think anyone who employs him as a writer will have made a wise choice, and benefit tremendously." Thank you - Michael Goldstein Online Editor


“Jack was an inspiring guy to work with. He was always looking for ways to innovate, and his writing reached very high levels very quickly. I enjoyed working with Jack a lot, and look forward to seeing which of many exciting paths his career will take him on.” - Adam Gold Editor In Chief, Men's Digital


"I work with Jack at Skiddle where he's been one of regular freelancers contributing mainly music content to the website over the last year. I've found our working relationship to be a brilliant experience, he requires no management whatsoever and always comes back with copy that is just what the site needs, when I need it.  Jack understands the tone of our publication, and has a distinctive irreverent written style that makes people laugh but also keeps them reading. Considering the number of interviews he's done, he's been quite creative and funny in the style of questions he puts interviewees through, and the readers really like it. Its great working with him and I'd wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone else who needs a quick thinking copywriter who can come up with new ideas and that really gets the job done." - Jayne Robinson Editor


"Jack is a regular writer at Yano and can always be relied upon to come back with some really amazing ideas and a clear plan of how to implement them for the website. I like the fact that I can give Jack an assignment and that he just goes and gets on with it. He's also got no problems aiming for the stars, and no fear in asking the biggest names to contribute to our website, which I think is important in a journalist. He's always receptive to feedback and seems to be meticulous in editing an article until it's perfect for the website. Jack has played a large part in helping us plan and put together the main part of our launch publicity campaign, and has done some serious networking to get many influential names in parenting to participate. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs a writer or journalist."  - Ann-Marie McKimm Owner